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Type 6 Thermostatic Cartridge (SP151) Steam Cabin Room Shower Valve Enclosures

Type 6 Thermostatic Cartridge (SP151) Steam Cabin Room Shower Valve Enclosures

Type 6 Thermostatic Cartridge (SP151) Steam Cabin Room Shower Valve Enclosures   Type 6 Thermostatic Cartridge (SP151) Steam Cabin Room Shower Valve Enclosures
> Riser Rails & Hoses. > Bath Air & Water Jets. > Bath Pipes & Fixtures. > Sauna Bucket & Ladle. Type 6 Thermostatic Cartridge (SP151). Features - Push fit installation, fixed in place with a grub screw. Total length 92mm - 100% compatible with Insignia, Ba...

See more product information below. Total length 92mm - 100% compatible with Insignia, Bathtek and Aqualusso steam showers.

Generally, if your shower valve has a steady flow of hot and cold water going to it and the valve is outputting the wrong temperature water, then there is a very high probability that the thermostatic cartridge is faulty. Replacing the cartridge with this type 6 should fix the problem and return the functionality of the shower to a new state.

This Type 6 thermostatic cartridge spare part is for shower cabins and whirlpool baths. Type 6 Thermostatic Cartridge Measurements and Other Information. A Type 6 thermostatic cartridge, also known as Type 1 with regards to Insignia brand showers, measures 92mm long and functions by mixing hot and cold water for a comfortable shower.

It is not limited to a particular shower model. The thermostatic cartridge Type 6, 8, and 12 are suitable with nearly all steam showers imported from Far East territories.

Frequently Asked Questions: Type 6 Thermostatic Cartridge. Q: How will I know if the cartridge I need is a Type 6?

A: The Type 6 uses a grub screw to lock in the cartridge into the valve, Type 8. Is a screw in cartridge, and Type 12. Is a ColorSpa thermostatic cartridge used for ColorSpa showers.

Removing and Changing a Type 6 Thermostatic Cartridge. Below is the general procedure when attempting to remove and replace a Type 6 thermostatic cartridge from a steam shower or cabin. Be sure to turn off the isolation valves for the hot and cold water supply.

Lift the cap from the bottom of the push button and pull out the dial found on the lower part of the three dials regulating the temperature of the water. Insert a 2.5mm hex key into the cavity where the cap was lifted.

Loosen the grub screw â?? Without completely removing it â?? By turning the hex key once. The grub screw holds the handle onto the thermostatic cartridge.

Once the grub screw is loosened a little the handle will be free to remove, therefore it is unnecessary removing the entire grub screw. A temperature lock will now be visible.

Write down the details of its position. Then remove the temperature lock for later use. A Type 6 thermostatic cartridge has a grub screw underneath. Use the hex key to unscrew.

Wring the cartridge out to completely remove it from the valve. Install the new Type 6 thermostatic cartridge by pushing it in. Make sure the grub screw hole is aligned with the hole at the bottom of the valve. Use a hex key and grub screw the cartridge in place. Replace the temperature lock according to the position you have noted down from step 3.

Fasten it by inserting the grub screw into the cavity using a hex key. Reinstall the dial and the cap. Turn on the isolation valves for both hot and cold water supply. Any items that arrive faulty must be reported to our customer service team within 48 hours.

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Type 6 Thermostatic Cartridge (SP151) Steam Cabin Room Shower Valve Enclosures   Type 6 Thermostatic Cartridge (SP151) Steam Cabin Room Shower Valve Enclosures